July 09, 2018 3 min read

Update 2018-07-15

We have start shipping the Proto-X out :)

Update 2018-07-13

After spending endless time tune the setting, production is finally starting :D

Update 2018-07-07

Some test prints we did. After few trial and error, we were able to find the ultimate setting for the finer resolution. Lower the temperature a little bit and increase the thickness of top layer.

Result came out pretty good :)

Update 2018-07-06

As you can see every time when we changed something all the variables has to be adjusted as well. With one bad variable, this is what happen :( We did not have enough thickness of the top layer. We called this "pillowing". Re-adjusted and back to printing again.

Update 2018-07-05

Of cause we did not just stop at 0.20mm layer height and call it a day. We are aiming for the 0.10mm and slow down the printing speed to 80%. That is what we are working on currently.

Update 2018-07-04

Currently we are trying to improve the finish. Most of the prototypes, we printed at 0.25mm layer height just to save around 3~4 hours printing time to check out the design. For the final production, we want to print it at the highest resolution to have the best quality.

We have tried 0.20mm layer height. We can definitely see an improvement compare to the 0.25mm.

In order to print at the finer layer height, we will also have to re-adjust the z-offset, temperature...etc. We have to print the temperature tower every time to find out the best temperature for this layer height.

Update 2018-07-03

In order to have a really good bottom layer finish. We had to re-adjust the bed leveling and the z-offset. We designed and printed several different washers.

Add washers to each corners -> Run the bed leveling process -> Re-adjust the washers -> Run leveling again. Totally we run almost 25 times to get the result below.

This is what it was look like before. The difference was +/- 0.823mm

And after. Still was not perfect as our other printers. However consider this is the large print bed. The result was not to bad. (Within +/- 0.124mm)

Update 2018-07-01

We finally got the filament restock and printed a prototype. We printed it at the 0.26mm layer height just to save us some printing time to see the result.


We filmed a short video to show How to assemble HHKB Proto-X

Also a Typing test

The feet is secure to the case with 4 screws, and we will also include the clear rubber feet.

Update 2018-06-28

After few weeks modifying the design a little bit due to the limitation on 3D printer.  This is finally happening :) We are proud to present the new Proto-X, 3D printed 60% carbon fiber case.

3D Model Rendering

Update 2018-06-09

We tried to print the case in several different ways. Printer was not able to successful printed that 8 degree incline every time which lead us to start modify the design of the case a little bit.




Design Specification


The filament that we will be using to print the case is Proto-pasta carbon fiber PLA. Due to its excellent layer adhesion, it creates the beautiful matte black finish.

  • Carbon Fiber PLA 3D printed
  • 8 degree angles
  • High profile design
  • Universal 60% pcb mounting holes
  • Lowest point height: 2 cm
  • Highest point height: 3.6 cm

You can read more about USA made Proto-pasta carbon fiber PLA [HERE]


We will be offering two DZ60 PCB.

They both feature

  • RGB underglow
  • Work with QMK firmware
  • Gold (ENIG) finish

KeBo blue DZ60 RGB PCB

  • Mini-B USB
  • Feature in KeBo blue

White DZ60 RGB PCB

  • USB-C
  • Feature in White


CNC universal carbon fiber plate will be support multiple layout including the feature below.
  • Split space bar
  • Split backspace
  • ISO and ANSI
  • Switch-top remove