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Trick-O-Treat Bag

For Trick-o-Treat bag, You will receive one of the random dragon below.


Hello Fellow Vikings,


We have totally of 7 dragons you can choose from

  • Tsuchi – Earth, nature that resists hard object, movement, and change.
  • Mizu – Fluid, amorphous matter, fluid nature, adaptive to change.
  • Ka – Passion, motivation, and desire.
  • Fu – Growth, expansion, and freedom.
  • Sora – Void, pure energy, and spirit.
  • Kessho – Clear, frost, and icy cold
  • Oramu – Unknown power. Speed: Unknown. Size: Unknown. Skill: Unknown.



  • Base Material: Resin (Clear and white)

  • Body Paint: Acrylic metallic paint and pearl white paint

  • Fin Paint: Acrylic gold and bronze paint

  • Stem: Cherry Mx Only