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Starter Pack

Starter Pack come with everything you need to get started. If you don't know where to start, starter pack is the way to go.

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Stater pack come with

  • One GPL205g0
    • Each lubricant ship with approximately 5 grams ( 3 milliliters )
  • One smoky black switch opener
    • MX style
    • Kalih style
  • One pack of original clear film
Enough for you to modify 100 switches and stabilizers.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Mathews
Good Value

I would say if you're going to get this starter kit you should probably get 2. Depending on the amount of switches you have for lubing them and switch films, the amount of films you get for one kit may not be enough. There was plenty of lube in one jar for my entire 100% form factor keyboard, but I wasn't left with that much lube after I was done. Having 2 definitely is recommended. The only thing I would say needs to be changed is the switch opener. The switch opener is made of plastic and not metal, not sure if the material of the switch opener determines the difficulty of being able to open the switch, but I would say the switch opener is relatively useless. It is able to separate the top and bottom housing of the switch but it never was able to fully open the switch. I'd imagine a metal one would have more strength in opening the entire switch more easily, but again I'm not entirely sure on that. Your mileage may vary. Other than that I'd recommend this kit especially for people who are just getting into the keyboard hobby and need a simple and straight forward kit to get started to not get confused about what they need to buy. 4/5


Good price for krytox

Humzah Hassan
Great bang for buck!

Honestly I don't think you can find a whole kit for a better price. It came within a few days and in a very nice package. There is plenty of lube for a whole set of keys and stabilizers. There is also more than enough film for a whole set of switches. Lubing the switches gets easier the more you do it. Only issue is the switch opener is a bit hard to use, I had to pry the switch open after I got the top housing a little separated from the bottom.

Lin Becker
Great for beginning keyboard modding!

I'm a beginner to the keyboard world, but I decided to buy this pack to customize my keyboard switches and stabilizers. I modded a pack of Novelkey Creams, and I can say I loved this pack. The switch opener was really useful and high-quality, and the films all came intact. Definitely would recommend for the price.

Steve Rigby
Good value!

For only 20 dollars, this pack is a bargain. On Amazon alone, I've seen switch films for over 20$, and it's almost impossible to find Krytox in small quanities. This is great for beginners getting to mod their keyboard. Cheers!