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Gateron Box Ink V2 Switches

Note:1 switches per qty

  • Color matching stem, top, and bottom housing
    • Box Ink Pink Color - Transparent Pink
    • Box Ink Black Color - Transparent Black
  • Same Material as Ink V2
  • Cherry MX compatible
  • PCB mount (5-pin)
Options Type Actuation Bottom
Box Ink Pink
Linear 50g
60g PCB 5-pin
Box Ink Black Linear 60g 70g PCB 5-pin


  • Linear. The keystroke is consistent and smooth.
  • Tactile. A bump in the middle of travel, usually around the actuation point.
  • Clicky. A bump in the middle of travel accompanied by a sharp “click” sound.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Austin White
Love these switches

Got the Box Ink V2’s in pink hand lubed and filmed easily the best switches I’ve have and have immaculate thock.

Christopher Fisher
Great linear switches

Nice sounding switches with a satisfying heavier linear feel.


Great linear switches with a satisfying heavier actuation force and sound.

Clicky switch?

I got these switches and are a tiny bit scratchy, and when depressed they click pretty high pitched which was not at all what I had expected. I have not have my board arrive from the qwertykeys group buy or have fully lubed all of the switches yet, but they keep a good amount of the clickiness still. Not sure if I would recommend for those of whom are in search of a thocky board, but again I have not tried out a full board of box inks on a keeb yet

Super quick shipping to the states

It was supposed to get here the 17th but showed up on the 15th. Woot.

The Gat Box Ink V2s (or regular Ink V2s) are my goto for my modifiers when using Milky Yellow Pros. Once lubed and filmed (filming not always needed) they pair perfectly for the sound i want out of them.