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Switch Opener

Switch Opener to help you open MX or Kalih compatible mechanical keyboard switches. We 3D printed in two different materials; Resin and PLA plastic.

Resin is more durable material and offer smoother finish than PLA plastic.

Perfect tool when you want to install the switch film for your MX switches.

  • Smoky Black MX Switch Opener
    • Material: Resin
    • Color: Smoky Black
    • Kebo logo at the bottom
  • Smoky Black MX Switch Opener
    • Material: Resin
    • Color: Smoky Black
    • Kebo logo at the bottom
  • Black MX Switch Opener
    • Material: PLA
    • Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mason Loring Bliss
Works, but could be smoother...

I opened around a hundred switches with this and it works, but the evident 3D printing pattern meant the slides that spread the top housing clips don't slide easily. I got a metal opener after this and it was a far better experience. So this one works and it wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go back to it after trying a metal opener.

Benjamin Stewart
Decent... Good for price

Works decent. Could be better. At least for the Black Ink v2's it sometimes took some extra effort.

Switch opener

It opened switches very easily and made my lubing job easier. 10/10

Gauge Alford
cheap and gets the job done

haven’t run into any issues so far after using on a variety of kailh, cherry, gateron, divinikey, novelkey, and jwk switches. cannot promise that it will work with other brands but for these it does work. Did not run into the issue that the other reviewer had either, it just works.


Item was shipped promptly and received a day earlier than expected. However, while opening the first switch, one of the prongs of the opener broke and flew across the room. It still works but felt saddened by the quality to break on its first use.