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Arctos Switches

Note:1 switches per qty

Keyboard enthusiasts fall in love with the switch that delivers the experience and the feeling they desire. Instead of modifying spring, swapping stem, and lubricating housing on each switch, we eliminated these repetitive tasks by working with manufacturer. That is how the Arctos switch was born with mech keys community in mind for amazing typing experience.

Arctos delivers bigger and crisper tactile bump than ergo clear switches. It lubricates with Krytox mix lube for more smooth operation. A rose gold plated spring provides the feeling in different weights. Each switch comes with SMD mounting and Cherry MX keycaps compatible.

This revolutionary switch is designed in Los Angeles, California, and named after the California grizzly bear, Arctos.

65g Arctos

  • Tactile switch
  • 65g bottom-out force
  • Blue gray stem [Hex 879baf]

72g Arctos

  • Tactile switch
  • 72g bottom-out force
  • Navy blue stem [Hex 123456]



    • Fully transparent housing for LED lighting
    • Lubricates with Krytox GPL-206 and VPF-1506 mix lube
    • Lubricates on 8 contact points between stem and housing for smooth operation
      • Contains a rose gold plated spring that ensures corrosion resistance and friction reduction
      • Reduces slider contact surface on stem
      • Improves tolerance on housing and stem to reduce side-to-side and vertical wobbling
      • Compatible with Cherry MX keycaps
      • SMD mount (3-pin)