Trick-O-Treat Bag


Christmas Fundraising for Toys For Tots Foundation

Check out the event from previous fundraising

Event has ended. The fund will go to the next charity event.

We have totally of 7 dragons you can choose from

  • Tsuchi – Earth, nature that resists hard object, movement, and change.
  • Mizu – Fluid, amorphous matter, fluid nature, adaptive to change.
  • Ka – Passion, motivation, and desire.
  • Fu – Growth, expansion, and freedom.
  • Sora – Void, pure energy, and spirit.
  • Kessho – Clear, frost, and icy cold
  • Oramu – Unknown power. Speed: Unknown. Size: Unknown. Skill: Unknown.



  • Base Material: Resin (Clear and white)

  • Body Paint: Acrylic metallic paint and pearl white paint

  • Fin Paint: Acrylic gold and bronze paint

  • Stem: Mx Only