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Gateron Ink V2 Switches

Note:1 switches per qty

  • Color matching top and bottom housing with new materials
  • Cherry MX compatible
  • PCB mount (5-pin)
Options Type Actuation Bottom
Red Linear 45g
60g PCB 5-pin
Black Linear 60g 70g PCB 5-pin
Yellow Linear 60g 67g PCB 5-pin
Blue Clicky 60g 70g PCB 5-pin
Silent Black Linear 60g 70g PCB 5-pin


  • Linear. The keystroke is consistent and smooth.
  • Tactile. A bump in the middle of travel, usually around the actuation point.
  • Clicky. A bump in the middle of travel accompanied by a sharp “click” sound.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fast shipping, good prices! Gat Ink V2

Stock these are… alright. Re-lubed (left factory lube and lubed over it) these are a lot cleaner feeling and a lot deeper sounding. Filmed removed a teeeeeeny bit of wobble and they are little deeper.


I bought these to frankenswitch with some Gat Milky yellow bottoms, 63.5g, dual-stage spring, ink v2 tops; for all of the stab’d keys on a pom board and mab do these sound great there. I might make a whole board with these modded switches.

Black Ink V2

Packaging was great. All of the switches worked when arrived and no miscount. The switch itself improves a lot with lube and adding film gives it a deeper sound profile. The switches are smooth and are easy to get used to.