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Durock Tactile Switches

Note:1 switches per qty

  • T1 Switches
    • Polycarbonate Transparent Top Housing
    • Nylon PA Transparent Bottom Housing
  • Koala Switches
    • Polycarbonate White Top Housing
    • Nylon PA White Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • Gold-plated Spring
  • Gold-plated Metal Leaf
  • Factory Pre-lubed
  • MX Compatible
  • PCB Mount (5-pin)
Housing Color Type Bottom-out Mount
T1 Clear Tactile 67g PCB 5-pin
T1 Smokey Tactile 67g PCB 5-pin
White Tactile 62g PCB 5-pin
Koala White Tactile 67g PCB 5-pin


  • Linear. The keystroke is consistent and smooth.
  • Tactile. A bump in the middle of travel, usually around the actuation point.
  • Clicky. A bump in the middle of travel accompanied by a sharp “click” sound.