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Switch Lubricants

GPL 105 (5ml) ship with ~5 millilitersof the product in dropper bottle.

XHT-BDZ (3g) ship with ~3 gramsof the product and a brush.

Others ship with ~5 grams ( 3 milliliters ) of the product and a brush.

Lubing switches and stabilizers to improve the mechanical keyboard experience. Oils and greases are high-performance perfluorinated lubricants

Products of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.

GPL Properties and Comparison Datasheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Does what it says! First time user of lubricant

Only had time to lube my stabilizers with this, but with my hasty decisions I could only only apply it after I screwed it in. Luckily the lube helped out a lot with rattle/noise. Very surprised with how effective it was considering I didn’t use a lot.

For anyone curious, the container is roughly quarter sized in diameter (maybe a little bit bigger), about 1 inch tall, and comes filled about 50-60%.

Not filled all the way

3ml krytox 205g0 2/3 of the way used only after 61 switches, not filled up all the way, cheap and good lube but, they cheap out on the amount given.

Mark Estep
205 go

I lubed my stabilizers with it and could tell little to no difference. I think this is a highly over-rated step in KB building and will never waste the time and effort on any future builds.

Kaelyn Camlet
Don't waste money on shipping.

Paid the almost $5 on the shipping. First class for 5 business days. Its been a week and a half and still have yet to receive it.

Precious Peralta

Switch Lubricants