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Tribosys Lubricants

Ship with approximately 5 grams ( 3 milliliters ) of the product and a brush.

Lubing switches to improve the mechanical keyboard experience. TriboSys is the thinnest grade 0 grease and easiest to spread. TriboSys is full fluoridated semi-fluid grease. Manufactured by Miller-Stephenson.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Brown

Tribosys Lubricants


Product shipped unsealed; the liquid separated and leaked during shipping, leaving behind a dry, sticky, unusable residue. At least it was packed separately in bubble wrap so nothing else was greatly affected. Customer service has not responded to email.

Randy Prieto
Super fast shipping

Great lube, great price, INCREDIBLE shipping speed.
Kebo.Store is located in Southern California (as am I), and I got my order crazy fast. I'm coming straight to Kebo.Store next time I need some lube.

Kit C.
Great for Tactile Switches

Used this for my first tactile switches and it worked exceptionally well! Quick and reliable shipping as well.

Gauge Alford
great lube, no complaints

new to hobby so take everything with a grain of salt

3203 is thinner than 205g0, allowing for use in switches without risking any gumminess. i like to use even in linears since I am particular about a very light amount of lubefeel, plus 205g0 will typically feel gummier at first before breaking in fully. 3203 feels great immediately, which gives me good feedback on proper lubing amounts as I am new to the hobby. the only complaint i have is that the included brushes are quite bad to work with, and you would be much better off with a paintbrush. I decided to not buy a paintbrush with my order after seeing that the lube came with a brush, but I regret this. Great product though, just buy a brush to use with it!